The story of us

We are a close team of creative writers based in Tulsa, Oklahoma

How it all began

It simply began by telling stories that others wanted to share.

There are countless stories that haven't been told and millions of people are just waiting to hear them.
This is how we began, we were fulfilling a need that many at risk communities didn't have. A Voice!


"One of the pleasantest things about book writing is that sometimes it brings one in touch with old friends"

- Rachel Field
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Aim for the truth

We live in a world where Truth is really hard to find and come by. With billions of online blogs, and publications discovering the facts has now become an lost art.

We here at MLN aim to go deeper than the "click bait" and shoot for the complete Truth for our readers.

Thank you for allowing us to deliver this Truth to you. If you have suggestions please shoot us an email

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Aim for the future

We cannot grow without your help. Your stories & financial assistance allows us to Aim for the future with clean and fresh content. Please consider donating to us via Venmo: @marq-lewis